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Marine Accident Investigation & Analysis
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marine Accident Investigation & Analysis

Accident Investigation &

Lawes & Co has pioneered a distinctive dual approach to accident investigation, seamlessly integrating aerospace methodology and conducting parallel investigations concurrently.

Accident Investigation and Analysis

One facet of our investigative process is meticulously tailored to address legal considerations, strategically undertaken in anticipation of potential litigation. Collaborating with our Navigation Data Monitoring System, powered by Ship Threat and Error Management methodology, we adeptly analyze extensive data streams. This analytical capability allows us to pinpoint deviations from industry or company-established safe operational limits, quantifying operational discrepancies. This, in turn, enables our investigations to raise awareness regarding errors or risks, contributing to preventative measures against recurrence.

Furthermore, our dual investigation methodology proves instrumental in transcending the conventional challenges posed by legal protocols, facilitating the dissemination of vital root cause analyses and associated lessons learned throughout the industry. This is achieved without the customary legal 'red tape' hindrances often encountered in the aftermath of accidents or incidents.

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